What We Do

What We Do.

Arielle Deem Studio Manager

Original Scoring

Original Scoring

At Sensory Overload Music, we set ourselves apart in Hollywood, providing powerful scores for diverse projects and feature films, such as America: Imagine the World Without Her (the sixth highest grossing political documentary of all time), and a new inspiring feature, Te Ata. Our talented composers score original music personally enhancing your picture.

Bryan E. Miller, Sensory Overload Music’s founder and principal composer, is passionate about writing powerful, moving music that will take your project to the next level with his distinctive scoring. Listen to more of his work at bryanemiller.com

Original Scoring Description

Michael Bouska Head of Audio Post

Music Editing

Music Editing

Love the track you found on SourceAudioLink, but it doesn’t quite fit to picture? Don’t have the time to choose music? No problem.

Save your valuable time and send us the video. We’ll edit the music to sound like it’s scored specifically for your project.

A FREE service when you license music from us!

Music Editing Description

Bryan E. Miller Founder of Sensory Overload Music, Composer

Audio Post

Audio Post & Sound Design

We can help you get that “Pro” sound for your audio!

  • • Reduce unwanted noise including hum, lip smacks, cell phone rings, clipping distortion, and more.
  • • Reduce echo from recording in large empty spaces.
  • • Match the sonic tone of audio recorded in different environments.
  • • Apply filters and equalization to maximize the clarity of dialog.
  • • Remove off-camera noises, “umms”, dialog stutters, and unnecessary sounds.
  • • Ensure loudness compliance with broadcast standards.
  • • Balance music, sound design, dialog, and VO for optimal emotional impact
  • In addition to well-captured video and a killer soundtrack, effects and sonic textures breathe life into your picture. We can lift your project to the next level with everything from subtle sounds of outdoor ambience to huge sonic impacts leaving viewers entirely immersed in every moment.





    Matt Tixier Music Supervisor

    Music Library

    Music Library

    Sensory Overload Music has created over 100 albums of diverse, powerful music to be used in feature films, television, commercials, documentaries, and DVD features. Clients include Walt Disney, 20th Century Fox, Lionsgate, A&E, CBS, ABC, and NBCUniversal.

  • • Licensing: Years worth of talented writers and satisfied clients have enabled us to create and curate an ever-expanding music library with an eclectic selection of songs you can license for your picture.
  • • Create an account at http://sensoryoverload.sourceaudio.com to select your favorite musical tracks for our editors to work with. You can organize your selections by both project and scene.
  • REVISED Music Library Description

    Trailer Orchestrator, Composer



    Combining modern styles and classic orchestral ingredients, Sensory Overload Music’s composers have compiled 3 albums of heart pounding and electrifying tracks to tell your film’s story. A track from our Destined to Defy trailer album was recently featured in a project to raise 12 million euros for children’s medical expenses.

  • • Dazzle your audience on your next release with a track from Prelude to Rapture or Destined to Defy, available here http://sensoryoverload.sourceaudio.com or
  • • Contact our team to create a new trailer masterpiece from scratch to promote your next project!
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    Thank you for choosing Sensory Overload Music! We recognize the importance and power of sound and it’s ability to take your picture and vision to the next level. In addition to offering our reputable compositions and extensive music library, we provide post-audio services that will give your project a polished and professional sound.